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Tales End Tackle’s Tawnter® Series of Lures

The ultimate in fishing lures, whether you’re fishing for freshwater pan fish, freshwater big game fish or saltwater species. These lures are sure to give you bragging rights every time you fish. Dressed with premium components, an easy change tube-tail design and a finely tuned heavy-thumping Deep Cup blade which fish will hone in on from great distances!

The innovative blade design allows you to work this bait fast or slow all through the season and in any condition! Work it over rock humps and flats, weed tops and edges. Even the open water for those suspended or deeper monsters - you know what I'm talking about!!

Heavy enough to quickly drop down the water column where the big fish reside. On the drop, the unique blade has a spoon-like flutter. This is also a great feature when using in river current conditions or throwing into the eddies.

Unlike all the competition, fish won't miss the hook by mistakenly striking the tail because the tail doesn't extend too far past the end of the hook.

This bait fires out of your pole like a bullet and retrieves like a missile.

Quit playing around with those gimmick lures and start putting fish in your boat!! You finally have the opportunity to use the pro's go-to bait!

Angler tested for 5 years on multiple species before sales release.

Lure tails are Canyon Plastics Gitzit tails. Visit them at

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