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Changing the Tube Tail

1. Pull tail with weight up the shaft toward the blade to expose the split ring.

2. Remove the split ring, with hook attached, from the shaft.

3. Pull tube off.

4. Push the tip of replacement tube up against end loop of shaft until punctured.

5. Keep the puncture in the center of the tube tip. Push the tube up the shaft and then push the weight down onto the punctured hole.

6. Grasp the tube just above the fringe slits and push it up over the weight causing the tube to fold up inside itself with the weight inside the body.

7. Now hold the lure and shaft and lightly pull the tube down against the weight until the tube is seated against the top of the lead weight. The tube may have a slight tear in the tip, but it will stay on the weight quite well.

8. Reassemble the split ring/hook onto shaft. Then pull the tube down lightly so the lead weight is seated in the top of the tube.


Mini Tawnter Fringe Trimming
You may experience loosing smaller than average pan fish because the fringe hangs past the hook. To alleviate this  problem for panfishing, simply trim off the fringe of the tube tail even with the bottom of the loops of the treble hook.

This problem only seems to occur when the panfish size is less than 5 inches in length.

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